SS7 SMS Center platform – SMSC

The SMSC Service Provider uses the SMS Center platform and its features for managing connections to mobile operators including commercial conditions, and secure high performance on SMS messages like bulk campaign advertisements send by telemarketing customers. The web user interface provides efficient tools for SMS Center platform administrators and for customers’ campaign management.


The SMS center platform solution is suitable for:

  • MT bulk for advertisement campaigns, etc.
  • MO for subscriber responses to advertising, radio/tv broadcasts, contests, etc.
  • Store and forward for MO SMS
  • Asterisk integration using Asterisk/SS7 SMS and Asterisk/SS7 Mobile HLR Information

Specification for SMS center platform:

  • Up to 8 SS7 TDM E1 lines, up to 16 signaling time slots per E1
  • Runs on industry-standard x86-64 server hardware with digital interface cards (e.g. Digium, Sangoma, Openvox)
  • SMPP interface (both ESME client and server interfaces)
  • Advanced routing between SMPP, SS7 TDM, and SIGTRAN interfaces
  • 4000 SMS/second


Demo of the SMS center platform:

Try a demo of the solution’s web-based GUI for operation and maintenance here. Please email for account details.

Download product sheet