SS7 STP/ITP & SIGTRAN Signaling Gateway

The SS7 SIGTRAN Signaling Gateway terminates SS7 TDM E1/T1 lines and provides an IP based interface using standardised SIGTRAN protocol M3UA (M2PA, M2UA, SUA to be released).

The E1/T1 lines are connected to the Signaling Gateway using commodity digital interface cards (e.g. Digium, Sangoma, Openvox, Redfone). The SIGTRAN interfaces are provided for any SIGTRAN compatible Media Gateway Controllers or Application Servers.

Versatile SS7 gateway

The SIGTRAN Signaling Gateway supports all combinations of signaling transfer between E1/T1 and SIGTRAN and routing of signaling messages between connections.

Operators in the mobile industry can use the SIGTRAN SGW/STP/ITP as a basic Signaling Transfer Point (STP) and IP transfer point (ITP)

STP/ITP signaling gateway supports transparent bridging

The solution also supports transparent bridging of E1/T1 circuits carrying voice data or signaling data, and is suitable for SIGTRAN compatible MGCs or ASs.



  • Up to 12 SS7 TDM E1 lines per server, up to 31 signaling time slots per E1
  • SIGTRAN M3UA (M2PA, M2UA and SUA to be released)
  • Runs on industry standard x86-64 server hardware with digital interface cards (e.g. Digium, Sangoma, Openvox)
  • Web-based configuration front end
  • Performance: Up to 900 MSU per second

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