Below you will find a selection of our customers with a comment about our relationship with them. For full quotes from the references, contact information and further references, please contact

BT OnePhone Ltd, UK

Netfors have an excellent family of messaging solutions, from the provision of SMSC’s, to innovative API driven messaging services, delivered professionally, providing both flexibility and robust service.

Magnus Kelly, Technical Operations Director

Voiceworks BV, Netherlands

We have worked closely with Netfors to customize their solution according to our specific needs and local MNP regulations.

Their flexibility and innovative solutions enable us to deploy a complex setup in terms of SS7/SIGTRAN routing and number portability at an attractive pricing compared to their competitors.

Arjan van der Oest, Lead Mobile Engineer

Docomo Digital, Germany

After having tested the SMS Center software via a trial license, we decided to go for the operation license. In order to ensure high availability in our services, we chose a redundant solution.

We appreciate the robustness and the flexibility of the software. Also, the direct and qualified dialogue is of great value for us.

Heiko Hellstern, CTO

Mutlucell, Turkey

In the preparation process we benefited from Netfors’ know how about the mobile networks and the telecoms industry.

This enabled us to deploy our SMS service as the first external service provider in Turkey. We find that the product has a very well designed and modular structure that makes it flexible and stable.

Uğur Öztürk, Software Engineer and Company CEO

Private Mobility, Holland

We use the subscription model for our SMS Center. This enables us to limit the initial investment. We appreciate the very qualified dialogue, which helps with our specific needs.

This has resulted in customized features. Also, we find the SMS Center mature and robust and fully able to suit our needs.

Dick Vellinga, Product & Program Management


Dauphin Telecom, Saint Martin

Netfors supplied the SIGTRAN Signaling Gateway that we installed in one of our servers, the software was installed and configured remotely.

The SIGTRAN gateway fully lives up to our needs, and subsequently we have decided to buy an additional one for similar purposes.

Eve Riboud, Managing Director

AMEEX mobile, Switzerland

We (AMEEX Mobile) have been a customer of Netfors since 2015, as we were seeking to find an SMS Center that could help our business flourish. We later were looking to expand, the obvious choice was to upgrade with Netfors, with an STP/ITP Signaling Gateway installation. Netfors is a stable, professional and reliable supplier that are always solution-oriented to our requirements.

Stéphane Tougard, CTO. AMEEX mobile