Welcome SMS

Today, roamers are reluctant to use their mobile phone when travelling abroad due to high roaming charges. That means loss of revenue for the mobile operators.

With our Welcome SMS solution you can submit an SMS to the roaming subscribers, so they are aware of the roaming rates in the visited network. The solution is designed to handle submission of SMS for both outbound and inbound roamers.

The outbound roaming subscriber receives SMS when switching on the mobile phone abroad with information on roaming charges and other specified information. The information is simply submitted via a template submitted by the home network operator.

The inbound roamers receive an SMS with a Welcome Greeting to the host network and info on local service number, e.g emergency number, tourist information etc. This is also submitted via a simple template module by the visiting network operator.

Welcome SMS solution features

  • Flexible non-intrusive integration with network infrastructure
  • The MNO/MVNO define content template for submitting SMS
  • The MNO/MVNO hold database with MSC and roaming rates
  • The roaming rate table structure design is very flexible so it can be divided into various categories, e.g Europe1, Europe2, Africa1,,, etc
  • The template and country can be displayed in local language, more than 30 languages supported

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