Camel Gateway

Customized Application for Mobile Enhanced Logic Service Gateway – CAMEL

The CAMEL Service Gateway enables you to make your own service and business logics. It gives you the opportunity to differentiate your business, and is the perfect way to launch new services and reduce time to market. CAMEL mobile has become the common way for implementing intelligence into the mobile networks.

The Netfors CAMEL gateway is designed to handle:

  • Prepaid services
  • Advanced call flow
  • Roaming steering
  • Fraud control
  • Special numbers
  • Mobile PBX
  • Implement VoIP on mobile networks
  • Fixed mobile convergence

The CAMEL Gateway interfaces to the mobile networks using SS7 TDM/E1 or IP SIGTRAN interfaces, using the CAP protocol. The gateway translates CAP requests to JSON and sends to the CAMEL backend service. Replies from the CAMEL backend service are translated from JSON to CAP and sent to originator.



Vast experience with CAMEL mobile

Netfors develops and deliver high performance CAMEL mobile solutions that help clients improve their value proposition towards their customers. Due to our vast experience with developing CAMEL gateway, you can trust that Netfors’ CAMEL mobile solution fulfills your expectations and requirements. Please contact Netfors for further information on the CAMEL gateway.

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