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The USSD platform, Unrestricted Supplementary Service Data (USSD), is used by the mobile interaction business to send text between a mobile phone and an application program interacting promptly with end-user. USSD gateway transactions only take place while mobile phones are turned on. USSD messages travel over SS7 signaling channels, providing a fast way for customer connections and data transfer. USSD platform transactions respond in less than a second.

ussd-sysarchThe USSD platform solution is suitable for:

  • Mobile initiated and network initiated USSD for mobile user interaction.
  • News with use of RSS feeds
  • Chat services
  • Quiz, survey, Q&A service
  • Polling service
  • Banking

Enabling VAS based on USSD gateway interaction and cost savings

The USSD center has full SS7 interfaces and flexible IP interfaces that allow interfaction with applications that manage value added services.

Operators in the ICT industry can use the USSD gateway for management of USSD transactions between mobile and the internet based part of the industry.

This enables the operators of the USSD center to offer value added services based on USSD interactions with mobile end users and to save costs in the operations.

Specifications for USSD platform:

  • Up to 8 SS7 TDM E1 lines, up to 16 signaling time slots per E1
  • Runs on industry standard x86-64 server hardware with digital interface cards (e.g. Digium, Sangoma, Openvox)
  • Network initiated (Mobile Terminated) USSD
  • User initiated (Mobile Originated) USSD
  • Up to 60,000 simultaneous sessions
  • Distributed architecture (USSD service and E1/SIGTRAN MTP3 service on different servers)

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