HLR Home local register

The Netfors HLR home location register / HSS gives the operator a cost efficient platform, which is designed for high availability. We use an open standard interface for the HLR in order to support a multi-vendor environment and make it 3GPP and GSM/GPRS/UMTS complient. It supports multi IMSI and MSISDN and has advanced roaming functions as well as SIP integration.

Our high quakity HLR platform gives you high quality of service, cost savings and advanced features at attractive pricing structure. The features of the HLR HSS home location register gives you the possibility to manage your business the way you want.

The Netfors HLR home location register / HSS solution is furthermore designed to handle:

  • Location based services available for 3rd parties
  • Camel interoperability using Diameter/radius
  • Subscriber class flexible
  • Handling of Mobile Number Portability, incl Inter operator billing
  • Self service via web interface
  • Partitioning for wholesale and service providers

Specifications for HLR home location register / HSS:

  • OS requirement: Linux 64 bit
  • Databased supported: MySql and Oracle
  • Subscriber base: Flexible, it depends mostly on hardware and number of installation
  • Transaction rate: 2000 TPS per cluster
  • System reliability: Designed for high availability

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