With the Netfors Partner Program you can create new business in the area of Short Messaging Services, mediation of services, integration of telecom and messaging technology.

The Netfors Partner Program is designed for businesses whose primary function is to:

  • Sell service and support, or
  • Provide solutions based on Netfors products to independent third-party customers in the telecommunications business

Examples of qualifying businesses are: resellers, support providers, system integrators, system builders, independent software vendors (ISVs), and independent hardware vendors.

Benefits for partners

  • Fast delivery of the Netfors solutions
  • Free marketing material and technical documentation
  • Free ‘Get Started’ program for reseller/partner
  • Free second level support
  • Synergy and increased revenue on the partners other products
  • Access to partner community web site (wiki)

Requirements to join the Netfors Partner Program:

Netfors expects a potential partner to meet certain criteria:

  • Significant experience in mobile business and technology
  • Signing of a reseller/partner agreement
  • Local support hotline with reasonable technical knowledge
  • Frequent reporting on proactive sales and marketing activities