Does your company live up to the telecommunications act in the Netherlands?

Dutch intel bill introduced in 2015 established non-specific (‘bulk’) interception powers for “any form of telecom or data transfer”, incl. domestic, plus required cooperation from “providers of communication services”

According to Article 13.1 of the Telecommunications Act providers of public telecommunications networks and publicly available telecommunications services (“service providers”) can only make their telecommunications networks and telecommunications services available to users if these can be wiretapped.

The Telecommunications Act requires public telecommunication service providers to set up and maintain a reasonable interception capability in its network, for which they are solely responsible. This includes the capability for the service provider in question to be able to implement an interception after having received an interception warrant.

Netfors’ newest release is an add-on to our SMSC that ensures conformity to the Telecommunications Act in the Netherlands. Find more information about the SMSC here, and do not hesitate to contact us for more details about the add-on.

This add-on has already been successfully deployed, and us at Netfors provide integration, customization, development and support.