The “Secure Equipment Act of 2021” – No longer special exceptions for network operators using Huawei’s equipment

Global telecommunications supplier Huawei is at the moment considered to be a threat for the USA and many European countries. US President Joe Biden recently signed the legislation, Secure Equipment Act of 2021, which will require the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to adopt new rules that clarify it will no longer review or approve any authorization applications for networking equipment that pose national security threats.

The Federal Communications Commission previously banned US companies from using networking gear from many Chinese providers. At the end of October 2021, the FCC also removed the authority for China Telecom to operate in the US, with the telecommunications company required to pack its bags and stop providing domestic and international services by the end of Christmas.

The upcoming Huawei ban is leaving a big gap in the global market regarding to telecommunication solutions. Thus, this could be an opportunity for other companies to expand their activities in that field and even replace some solutions that Huawei used to provide.

Netfors has already started replacing some of them, for example the SMS Center solution that is used by MNOs and MVNOs worldwide. The SMSC Service Provider uses the SMS Center platform and its features for managing connections to mobile operators including commercial conditions, and secure high performance on SMS messages like bulk campaign advertisements send by telemarketing customers. The web user interface provides efficient tools for SMS Center platform administrators and for customers’ campaign management.

The Netfors SMS center platform solution is suitable for:

  • MT bulk for advertisement campaigns, etc.
  • MO for subscriber responses to advertising, radio/tv broadcasts, contests, etc.
  • Store and forward for MO SMS
  • Asterisk integration using Asterisk/SS7 SMS and Asterisk/SS7 Mobile HLR Information