With the fast evolution of telecommunication technologies, different transmission technologies have been introduced, such as IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS). However, new hardware and protocols, are different from the older technologies causing interworking problems. The newer networks also come with new or improved features – for example, LTE provides high bandwidth, low latency, improved spectrum efficiency, though it does not support some services such as SMS, which still represents a valuable asset to operators.

In order to overcome some of the interworking problems between newer and old technologies, IP Short Message Gateway solution allows operators to provide SMS delivery services over new IP networks which are fully integrated with traditional ones.

Credit: elenabsl | 123rf.com

While delivering messaging continuity for IP enabled devices through the IP-SM-GW solution, it is:

  • ready to support your converged messaging needs across your entire pool of devices
  • delivering seamless integration between today’s messaging solutions and technologies proposed for the all IP network, as well as allowing operators to offer the same advanced services to IP Multimedia Subsystems subscribers that are offered to non-IMS subscribers
  • provides text messaging interworking between SMSC and IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem)
  • provides functionality to exchange SMS messages with IMS capable equipment
  • allows service providers to cater SMS delivery services efficiently over the next generation IP networks, which are fully integrated with the traditional legacy networks (2G/3G).

To keep up with the rapidly evolving environment, it is essential for operators to be able to deploy a next-gen IP based messaging platform that will provide seamless service availability and continuity to end users across infrastructures of all generations, supporting a high number of subscribers and applications and minimizes time and cost to market of applications.

This product is available at Netfors, fully integrated with the SMSC solution.

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