Netfors extending product porfolio

Netfors efforts has been spend on extending the SMSC / USSD product offerings. The scalable system architecture makes it possible for Incumbents, Entry Operators and service providers to select features, performance and robustness that fit into their needs.

Also solutions extending business by integrating Asterisk solutions and Mobile communication have been defined and are ready for customization in actual cases. VoIP – and Call Center Operators can utilize business possibilities in access to Mobile Operators SS7 network by use of Netfors SS7 products.

New products and information are available for:

Call Center solution

The Netfors Call Center solution provides features for Call Centers to improve business results by lowering costs for calling mobile users and providing features for expanding business into SMS / USSD.

Personnel and investments in Call Center facilities can be utilized expanding business with marketing campaigns, polls and similar activities by addressing mobile users with SMS and USSD facilities. Also expensive Call Center calls to Mobile Users outside the coverage area of their own Operator, abroad or in another region, can be avoided.

VoIP and Mobile Softswitch solution
The Netfors VoIP and Mobile Softswitch solution provides features for VoIP Operators to improve business results by lowering costs for calling mobile users and providing features for SMS / USSD services.

The solution can avoid expensive calls to Mobile Users outside the coverage area of their own Operator, abroad or in another region. Investments and experience in Asterisk facilities can be utilized for expanding business with SMS and USSD facilities for bulk employee messaging, employee polls, marketing campaigns and similar activities addressing mobile users.

Virtual Mobile Number / Hosted SIM
VMN functionality provides the possibility for businesses that need a fast and reliable channel to collect feedback, orders, confirmations or simple information from employees and customers. Business can receive SMS messages, being internationally available; have their own number rather than “short codes” which are generally shared across a lot of brands.

Netfors deliver VMN as an optional feature in the SS7 SMSC. SIM card information is administrated in a dedicated web menu on the SMSC web GUI. The menu allows administrating SIM information as:

  • MSISDN numbers (mobile subscriber number)
  • IMSI (international mobile subscriber identity for the SIM)
  • Routing of incoming SMS
  • SMPP client
  • email address
  • SMS out number

A condition for establishing a MVN number is rooming agreement between the Operator where SMSC have SS7 access and Operator where the MSISDN number is defined.

SMSC/USSD flexibility and features
Netfors SS7 SMSC and USSD solutions is highly flexible and scalable carrier grade SMSC / USSD for SMSC customers to select the solution that supports their needs for SMSC / USSD applications, Performance, High Availability and business control. Netfors provide the following options:


  • Limited Edition (one SMS/sec)
  • L1 ( 20 SMS/sec):
  • L2 ( 100 SMS/sec):
  • L3 ( 500 SMS/sec):
  • L4 (1000 SMS/sec):

Additional Selectable features

  • Virtual Mobile Number, VMN
  • SMS forwarding / routing HUB
  • Billing
  • WAP push & SMS Content (ringtones, Vcard, etc.)
  • Mobile HLR information
  • Offline Mobile Phone monitor (campaign)
  • SMPP interface

High Availability
Netfors deliver HA solutions for the SS7 SMSC with more options. The need for operational stability is recommended to be compared with investments and complexity in establishment plus operational efforts /costs for deciding the solution to be implemented in actual cases.

Redundant Network configuration

  • Hot spare
  • Load share

Database set up

  • Replication
  • Cluster


  • SNMP interface

Core SMSC features

  • SMS campaign management from 1 up to 100 recipients in a group
  • Reports
  • SMS trace (Search current and historic database
  • Delivery performance
  • SS7 configuration
  • Web GUI
  • SMSC kernel
  • System administration