Openvox new Netfors partner

Copenhagen, Denmark and Shenzhen, China—Feb 2nd, 2010 – Netfors ApS, a professional provider of telecommunication software and solutions, and OpenVox Communication Co. Ltd, a global provider of open source asterisk® telephony hardware and software solutions, announced today that they have partnered together to deliver SS7 products and expert Chan_SS7 support in China Market.

Netfors delivers a range of products for interaction across SS7, mobile and IP networks, the SS7 SMSC, SS7 USSD and SIGTRAN signaling gateway solutions. Netfors provides solutions for Asterisk. Chan SS7 is the most known and widely used product, which is delivered as Open Source for free, and in a Premium version which includes Netfors commercial support. Complementary to Chan SS7 Netfors provide commercial products expanding the value of Asterisk use for customers. The Netfors SIGTRAN Signaling Gateway supports convergence between IP networks and traditional telecommunication networks.

“The cooperation with OpenVox allows Netfors to extend its presence in China and to get known by OpenVox business relations,” said Anders Baekgaard, the CEO of Netfors. “With Netfors products we believe that OpenVox will bring more valuable SS7 features to its customers”.

OpenVox designs and produces its digital T1/E1 PRI interfaces cards to seamlessly work with the open source Chan_SS7 and enable customers to build their own cost effective SS7 applications. Moreover, OpenVox will also introduce Netfors’ commercial products such as SMSC, USSD and SIGTRAN Gateway to work with its telephony boards to the market.

“The cooperation with Netfors allows OpenVox to extend its certified SS7 technical support into commercial service within China Mainland,” said Lin Miao, the CEO of OpenVox. “With superior and stable performance of Chan_SS7 and the experienced support from us, we believe that our partnership will surely bring us a hit in the open source telecommunication market, and we are honored to be the first Chan_SS7 support provider authorized by Netfors.”

About OpenVox
OpenVox dedicates its passion in supplying open source telephony hardware and software products since 2002. With our people’s expertise in design and service experience, we provide high quality products with professional and efficient service worldwide, and are now one of the leading suppliers in this market, driving innovative and cost-effective solutions for the open source community.

About Netfors
Netfors is an SS7 and IP network expertise company delivering high performance products that mediate content and communication over customer’s data and tele infrastructures to Mobile end users. Netfors is a significant contributor to the Asterisk open source community by providing Chan_SS7.

About Netfors SS7 SMSC
SS7 SMSC provides Bulk SMS, MO SMS, SMS routing and is a full featured solution for SMS Service Providers and integrators providing solutions for their customers. The Netfors installed SMSC base is currently delivering more than 1500 mio SMS/month. This figure is expected to more than double within the next 6 months.

About Chan_SS7
Chan_SS7 provides a flexible SS7 protocol stack for the popular Asterisk Open Source PBX, which has full interoperability with OpenVox T1/E1 Gateway products.