SMS home routing

Netfors SMSC supports SMS home routing. The SMSC signalling inter-working with Home Location Register (HLR) changes the flow of inbound SMS messages and directs them to SMSC, instead of straight to target mobile handsets.

SMS home routing makes it possible for MNO and MVNO to provide its customers information on all SMS traffic and to offer advanced value added services such as:

  • Spam Filtering
  • Message contents can be presented to the user online web, similar to Google voice
  • Divert: customer can divert incoming SMS to any other SMS capable device in the world (as part of call forwarding, or separately)
  • Mobile subscriber can receive forward SMS as an email
  • Parent SMS control: parents can set time windows during which SMS (MO and MT) and disabled or enabled, so for example SMS do not circulate during dinner times, night hours, homework times, and so on.
  • Offensive languages filter for certain offensive words. Parent can be alerted if child sends or receives messages with such words.
  • Auto reply for example when the customer is traveling in an unusual time zone.

Netfors delivers SMSC home routing as customized solutions which fits the actual needs for inter-working with systems providing the value added services to end customers.