Start package with the best of 2 worlds

If you have a customer base for termination of SMS you can normally choose to in-source or outsource the operation of the SMS Center and the connectivity to the mobile networks. Normally acquiring and operating your own SMS Center takes a lot of resources and takes the focus from the front end applications and the customers. On the other hand having your own SMS Center some advantages in terms of flexibility, optimization and sourcing.

With our start package you can get started using your own SMS Center with a limited effort. The package consists of

A server shipped to your location with software installed and ready to plug into the SS7 mobile network via E1 or SIGTRAN

Web based campaign interface that enables instant planning and execution of outbound campaigns (SMS, Flash SMS, WAP Push or Voice Broadcasting)

Training that enables you operate the campaign interface from day one. Also you get an overview of what it is capable of and where to find things.

Training that enables you to operate and optimize the SMS Center

This can be the solution for you if you have access to a customer group and the mobile network. You should also have some technical knowledge and the ability to provide first line of support.