New Business with Private Mobility Netherland

We are happy to announce the new collaboration with our business partner, Private Mobility Netherland. After have been using the SMS Center solution, they decided to also implement the Camel Gateway technology, which has been on a testing phase since November 2015. Now the new technology is going live, and we are excited about the […]

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To text or not to text?

Have we seen the end of SMS based text messages? Or are there still areas in which SMS supersede data and Wi-Fi? We’ve seen a lot of articles in the first six months of 2014 about the possible death of SMS. With an increasing number of data based services such as instant messaging (IM) and […]

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Netfors delivers billions of SMS a month

Developing solutions for delivering huge numbers of SMS has so far been the domain of big network vendors – until now. The Danish start-up Netfors is disrupting the market with innovative solutions that allow mobile operators and MVNOs to provide millions of SMS at very competitive prices. With 50 SMSCs spread out all over the […]

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