A2P and P2A communication via new and old media

The general notion in the public is that Application to Person (A2P) and Person to Application (P2A) communication will shift from SMS and USSD to application driven communication via smart phones. We think this is certainly not the whole truth.According to Analysys Mason the global penetration of smart phones will reach almost 23% by the end of 2012 and be almost 50% by 2017.

In other words more than half of the worlds mobile phones will still be ‘dumb phones’ in 2017. Also, the penetration of smart phones will be considerably lower in developing parts of the world. Finally USSD and SMS is well known and understood by most mobile users, where as the usage of smart phone applications is much more individual.

So we think that content and service providers that want a maximum coverage for their campaigns will tend to use SMS and USSD for many years to come. And in some regions we even expect the usage to increase.

Our SMS and USSD Centers work as gateways that enable communication between service applications and the mobile end users.