Netfors has launched Welcome SMS for roamers solution

Today, roamers are terrified to use their mobile phone when travelling abroad due to high roaming charges in the past, which today result in loosing revenue for the mobile operators.

Netfors Welcome SMS for Roamers solution will submit an SMS to your roaming subscribers, so they are aware of the roaming rates using the visiting network.

Netfors Welcome SMS for Roamers solution is designed to handle submission of SMS for outbound and inbound Roamers.

According to a EU survey based on 28.000 EU citizens from 2013:

  1. 47% would never use mobile internet in another EU country.
  2. Only 1 out of 10 would use e-mails in the same way as at home
  3. More than a quarter of us simply switch off our mobiles when we travel in the EU
  4. Millions divert to SMS rather than pay for calls